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Dixie Solo 2018 AutoX Season COMPLETE!


2018-11What an incredible way to wrap-up the 2018 Dixie SCCA Solo Season. Thanks to everyone who participated this year.

If you haven't joined us yet, what are you waiting for? Find Your Fun and join us soon for some #FUNWITHCARS! Stay tuned for an announcement regarding our Year-End Awards Banquet!

Click here for more information regarding our 2019 Event Schedule.

Pictured at Right, Top to Bottom: 2019 CPL National Champion Tracy Lewis, CAM-T Trophy Winner Rob Ippolito, 2019 R2 Pro Solo Champion Robert Lewis.

2019 PAX/RTP Factors

PAX can best be described as a relative index for Solo, much the same way a handicap rating is given in the game of golf. PAX indexes are based on results from over 500 Solo Events around the Country in 2018, including the SCCA National Championships. How strong a class performs compared to all the other classes represented determines the PAX indexes. A Modified is considered the fastest class and has a PAX of 1.00. All other PAX indexes are a percentage of that. The 2019 PAX/RTP are calculated by Rick Ruth and can be viewed here.

Dixie Region Steps Up to Help Adel, GA

February 2017 - On January 22nd, a tornado wreaked havoc in our club's tiny host town of Adel, GA (the SGMP is located just 5 miles south of Adel). The storm killed at least seven people and destroyed untold property and lives. The American Red Cross sent volunteers and supplies to the area, and opened three emergency shelters. Those of us travelling up/over for the January event saw firsthand some of the debris as well as the dedicated volunteers that were offering services right next to our race area at SGMP. Since several members of Dixie Region expressed a desire to support the people of Adel, we took up a monetary collection at the event and participants contributed a total of $330. At the February 1st membership meeting the Dixie Board voted to match that donation, so the Dixie Region has sent $660 to the American Red Cross to help support the Adel Tornado Relief Efforts. Thanks to everyone for helping to make a difference.

Car Numbers and Class Letters

Lately there has been some discussion about displaying car numbers and class letters on cars for our local Dixie Solo events. Bottom line is your car needs to be appropriately numbered and lettered with your class so the grid, starter, workers and timing and scoring can read them. This helps keep the event moving along which translates into more seat time. Some use reusable vinyl magnets, shoe polish, masking tape, reusable static cling vinyl (for plastic cars panels), or permanent adhesive number/letter decals. The SCCA rulebook spells it out in Section 3.7 VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION: “All vehicles must display numbers and class letters on both sides (of the car), which must be readable by Timing and Scoring, Course, and Grid workers at all times.”  The rules go on to explain the  “numbers and letters must be a minimum of 8” high with a 1.25” stroke. Class letters must be a minimum of 4” high with a 0.75 stroke. In all cases, the height of the class letters must be between 25% and 75% of the height of the numbers.”

Car numbers and class lettersFor most of us the convenient numbering system is with reusable flexible vinyl magnets. You can make your own or purchase them. To make your own simply purchase flexible magnetic vinyl sign material online or from a local sign shop. In Tallahassee, many of us go to Apogee Signs. Apogee applied the large decals to the new Dixie orange trailer.  The magnetic vinyl material is usually sold in 24” wide sheets by the foot. One or two feet will be plenty to make a set of numbers and letters at a cost of about $10 to $20. The standard color is white but is available in a rainbow of colors for an extra cost depending on the supplier. Or scuff up the white vinyl magnet material with Scotch Bright pad and paint it any color with some spray paint for plastic. Vinyl magnetic material is sold in various thicknesses – thin (0.020”), medium (0.030”) and thick (0.060”). Thin is best used for refrigerator magnets and too light for car numbers. Thick can be too heavy and tends to fall or blow off the door. Medium thickness  (0.030” or 1/32”) is best for car number and letter use.

If you’d rather keep things simple and purchase decals online look no further than SPS Solotime. SPS offers an assortment of number and letter materials in all sorts of combinations, colors, sizes, and fonts.

So keep your car numbered and lettered well enough for all to see and help keep events rolling along.

2016 Solo Class Champions Announced
at Dixie Annual Awards Banquet

January 2017 - Class Champions for the 2016 Dixie Solo season were announced at the January 14th awards banquet. Regional executive, Steve Seymore, presented the awards after a feast that included 4 Rivers BBQ and and a veritable smorgasbord of delicious dishes brought by attendees. Rumors were a fight broke out over who was going to get to take home the leftover Canekeratne dish which was beyond amazing!!

Steve Seymore and Mark CanakeratneSo... the top honor of 2016 Driver of the Year went to Mark Canekeratne (pictured at right) for winning the most points during the 2016 season in the FS Class. Mark was also the recipient of this year's Worker of the Year award for his extraordinary contributions to Dixie Region. Mark is an integral part of Dixie's Solo activities and he serves on the Dixie Region board of directors.

Tracy Ippolito (pictured below) was recognized as the Member of the Year for her dedication and volunteer work and was also presented with the "Spirit of Dixie Award" in honor of her enthusiasm for the the club and its efforts. While a quiet cheerleader of Dixie and Team J-Lo for the past two decades, Tracy began racing as a novice just a year ago and has since been bitten by the SCCA bug, taking her involvment and support to new levels.

There were several gag awards handed out as well. The "Golden Pocketbook" award went to Arty Gallegos for his "secret" car build. James Bell was crowned "Cone King," an honor he has held previously. The "We Just Can't Have Nice Things" award went to Marko and Natasha Horn (who were AWOL). J.D. Kemp (last year's winner of the "Guilded Wrench" award gave it to himself in recognition of his mechanical challenges throughout the year. And a new award was introduced this year by J.D. Kemp -- the "Moose Turd" award went to Rob Ippolito for good advice gone bad. The "Magnetic Dipstick" award, a 29-year tradition in the Dixie Club, was a no-show. Whoever has it is asked to bring and award it at the next event or business meeting.

Check out all the photos from this year's Awards Banquet on Facebook.

Many thanks to Deborah Seymore for the room arrangements at Sittig Hall. It's a great place to host our annual dinner and we appreciate the hospitality!

Prepay and Register Online, Save $5

Reminder: Save five bucks by prepaying and registering online for all Dixie Region sanctioned events. It also helps everyone speed through registration check-in the day of the event. It?s fast, easy, and means we can get started earlier and offer more seat time for everyone. You can find all the 2014 Solo dates and locations on the Event Schedule page. The REGISTER ONLINE link will take you to the MotorsportReg website to prepay and register online. Do it!


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