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27th Annual "Allies vs. Axis" Solo Event

AvADecember 2014 - It's On... for the 27th year! The annual Allies vs. Axis Solo will be held at South Georgia Motorsports Park on December 7, 2014. Be a part of this historic and infamous Solo commemoration of Pearl Harbor Day, where Allied American and British car models do battle against the Axis Japanese and German brands. The event is run and scored like a normal Solo event with the additional twist of the overall Allies vs. Axis competition. Come early to see the Japanese sneak attack at 7:53AM. AwardThe normal Solo event schedule begins after that. Award for Crappiest Run by popular vote. This is the one Solo you don’t want to miss.

Register Online and please bring a package of toilet paper on the day of the Axis vs. Allies event for a donation to Dixie’s annual charity fundraiser, the Tallahassee Homeless Shelter.

Novice Driver School Great Success

September 2014 – A big thank you to everyone who attended the Dixie Region 2014 Solo Novice Driver School held on Saturday September 27th at Spence Field in Moultrie, GA. Sixteen novice drivers attended the school with a terrific 2:1 driver to instructor ratio. A short drivers meeting and course instruction started the day with plenty of time to practice with or without an instructor. Lunch was provided then a shorter course in the afternoon to reduce the wait time in grid. Dixie plans to hold another school in 2015 around the same time of the year. No worries if you missed the Novice School this year, Dixie Region has a Novice Class at all local Solo events and holds a Novice Walk Thru the course prior to the driver meeting. An instructor or two is usually roaming grid to ride along with anyone looking for some tips or help from a Dixie veteran. Dixie Region prides itself on going out of its way to welcome newcomers and participate in the fun at Solo events. Many thanks to all the instructor volunteers and the Novice class attendees.

Novice Car

Tracy Lewis CPL Champion at
2014 SCCA Solo National Championship

September 2014 – Congratulations to Tracy Lewis who brought home the CPL class National Championship from Lincoln, Nebraska in the Lewis Racing Sledgehammer Mustang. Several other Dixie Region members attended the Championship event. Robert Lewis and Russ Clark also picked up trophies in the CP class.

Tracy Tracy Award

Prepay and Register Online, Save $5

Reminder: Save five bucks by prepaying and registering online for all Dixie Region sanctioned events. It also helps everyone speed through registration check-in the day of the event. It’s fast, easy, and means we can get started earlier and offer more seat time for everyone. You can find all the 2014 Solo dates and locations on the Event Schedule page. The REGISTER ONLINE link will take you to the MotorsportReg website to prepay and register online. Do it!

Tire Rack SCCA National Solo Schedule Kicks Off at Dixie Championship Tour

Dixie Gas Station(SCCA.com, March 19, 2014) – For SCCA soloists, this past weekend’s Tire Rack SCCA Solo® Dixie Championship Tour event marked the much-anticipated beginning of the National Solo calendar, boasting a full entry list of 285 participants. This marked the eighth year that the opening event for the program was held at South Georgia Motorsports Park. Read more on SCCA.com

CLICK HERE for Dixie Championship Tour results.

2013 Solo Class Champions Announced
at Dixie Annual Awards Banquet

January 2014 - Class Champions for the 2013 Dixie Solo season were announced at the January 11th awards banquet.  Top honor of 2013 Driver of the Year goes to Kenneth Batten (pictured below left) for winning the most points during the 2013 season in the STR Class.

Kenneth Batten - Driver of the YearBryan Batchelor -  Member of the Year

Arty Gallegos - Worker of the YearThe Member of the Year was awarded to Bryan Batchelor (pictured above right) for his dedication and tremendous volunteer work for the club. 

The Worker of the Year went to Arty Gallegos (pictured at right with Chris Yearwood, RE) for his extraordinary contributions to Dixie Region.

There were plenty of now infamous gag awards handed out as well.  Many thanks to Steve Seymore for coordinating the annual banquet, and to his wife, Deborah, for the room arrangements at Sittig Hall.

History Repeats Itself... Again!
Allies Victorious at the 26th Annual
Allies vs. Axis Solo

December 8, 2013 - Dixie Region SCCA held the 26th Annual Allies vs. Axis Solo Autocross at Spence Field in Moultrie, Georgia. Allies vs. Axis commemorates Pearl Harbor Day with a Solo event on the Sunday closest to the anniversary of the December 7, 1941 surprise attack on Pearl Harbor by Japanese forces, the event that led to American participation in WWII. This event is a team autocross, with American and British ("Allies") vehicles competing against Japanese and German ("Axis") cars. Italian cars are Axis before lunch and Allies in the afternoon. Swedish cars, officially neutral, park in the paddock and sell stuff to both sides at enormous profit. Last year, we declared a moratorium on making bad jokes about French cars, in hopes that some would show up. None did, so I guess they’re still in the woods, hiding from the German cars.

Surprise attackThe day dawned foggy in Moultrie. The Axis team made their ceremonial first run around the course at precisely 7:53 AM, the time the first bombs fell on Pearl Harbor. The attack began as Marko Horn (an honest-to-Schnitzel, born in Germany, German-type guy) and Bryan “Shogun” Batchelor (who had a Japanese looking headband on) started around the course with both Japanese and German flags flying above their Honda. In the far corner of the site, shielded by the fog, they were joined by Floyd “Furu” Webb and Carlos “Kamakaze” Tomas in a second Axis car; Terry “P1” Nitti Jr and his gunner, Arty “Yaku” Gallegos in yet another Axis fighter along with Josh “Unicorn F*rt” Roqueplot, Heidi “Momma Bear” Nitti and Nicole “War Paint” Hamrick in the Honda Fit bomber. This fleet of Axis cars then stormed into the finish line. The Allies, stunned by this unexpected attack, recoiled in horror. The attackers parked next to the porta-potties and claimed them for the Axis.

JK JacksonThe odds were stacked against the Allies with 56 Axis entries versus only 32 in the Allied camp (and one Italian Fiat… More about that later.) for this 26th running of the event. The Axis powers also held an edge right out of the box with 12 uncontested classes. The Allies once again spread themselves into a “Thin Red Line” by bumping cars into higher classes to level the playing field against the numerically superior Axis team. The Axis forces went off to an early lead, and the numbers mounted against the Allies throughout the early runs as the Axis took nine class wins early in the day.

Axis Car

When the dust and tire smoke settled the Axis finished the day with 16 class wins:

  • B Stock—Mike Shaw, Porsche Cayman
  • C Stock – Steve Seymour, Mazda Miata
  • D Stock – Daniel Miller, Mazdaspeed 3
  • E Stock – Karl “Finger” Rickert, Toyota MR2
  • Street Mod – Heidi Nitti, Scion FRS
  • Novice PAX – Jerry Simons, Subaru BRZ
  • Street Mod FWD – Nelson Antunes, Civic
  • D Street Prepared – Romesh Canekeratne, BMW 330
  • Super Street Mod- Terry Nitti, Jr, Scion FRS
  • Street Touring U- Terry Nitti, Sr, Scion FRS
  • Street Touring X- Damenian Carter, Scion FRS
  • Street Touring F- Matt Robinson, Kia Forte
  • X Prepared- Joshua Roqueplot, Honda Civic
  • Street Touring S- Larry Ferrell, Mazda Miata
  • Street Touring R – Kenneth Batten, Honda S2000
  • C Street Prepared – Frank Stoddard, Mazda Miata

George BowlandWith the numbers piled up against them, and in the face of the psychological warfare of Chris “Tokyo Rose” Yearwood filling their ears, the main Allied force took the field late in the afternoon. As the Allies of the third and last run group thundered their replies to the earlier screams of the Axis cars, the tide of battle turned. The Allied team came together with a monumental effort and once again came from behind to take 22 class wins overall.

Allied class winners were:

  • A Modified- George “I’m Only Doing Three Runs!” Bowland, BBR Shark
  • B Modified – Bob Boeggeman, BBR Shark
  • C Modified – JD “Gonzo” Kemp, Slotus-Ford
  • D Modified – Shane Kelley, MGB
  • E Modified – Justin Barbry, Brunton Stalker
  • F Stock – Brian Meyers, Ford Mustang
  • A Street Prepared – Danielle “HamDip” Miller, Ford Mustang/Slotus
  • B Street Prepared – Allyne “HHGOA” Miller, Ford Mustang/Slotus
  • E Street Prepared – James Bell, Ford Mustang Boss
  • F Street Prepared – Chris Moore, Triumph TR6
  • Super Street Prepared—Thomas Simon, Chevy Corvette
  • Super Stock – Roberta “Spouse Abuser” Wetzel, Chevy Corvette
  • A Stock – Sandy Heath, 1940 Curtiss P-40 Tomahawk Ford Mustang GT
  • G Stock – Kahn Howard, Fiat Abarth*
  • H Stock – Tiger Berard, Mini Cooper
  • B Prepared – Alyssa Lewis, P-38 Ford Mustang
  • C Prepared – Sean Ittner, Ford Mustang
  • Ladies Pax – Simone Canekeratne, BMW
  • F Prepared – “Allied Forces Supreme Commander” JK Jackson, Triumph TR6
  • G Prepared – Scott Bohannon, “MGorgeousB”
  • Pro Pax – Matt Glagola, Lotus Elise
  • Street Tire Pax – Rob Ippolito, Ford Focus ST *The Fiat’s class win is an Allied win, because his fast run was his 5th!

Repeating the story of WWII, against all odds the Allies came through victorious again. For the 26th year in a row, history has been upheld; the Allies prevailed and took 22 class wins against the Axis 16. The Allies also grabbed FTD (George Bowland) and FTD Pax (Matt Glagola) for two more wins on the day.

Rob Ippolito's Focus ST

The hero of the day was also, in a way, the surprise of the day. Mustang pilot Rob Ippolito found himself in the middle of an engine rebuild on his supercharged 5.0 and was not going to be able to drive the car for this event. He came out anyway, in his daily driver Ford Focus ST. A front-wheel-drive turbo four, not his usual RWD V8 Mustang. Totally out of his element, Rob signed himself up for the Street Tire Pax class, and won it! Apparently, this came as a really big surprise to one of the Axis-driving entrants in that class who had mistakenly thought Rob was in G Stock and that he was winning until he saw Rob’s name on top of the list in STP. You might say Rob “dropped a bomb” on him.

Crappiest Run WinnerIn addition to class win trophies, the "Crappiest Run Golden Toilet Seat” award is given to the driver who has the crappiest run, or whoever falls victim to voter fraud. This is a "people's choice" award, with all entrants asked to vote early and often for their favorite crappy driver. This year the ballots were stuffed quite early, with a vote for JD Kemp noted in the ballot box before the day’s first runs started. One of the newer members of the group, Terry Nitti Sr. took home this prestigious award, likely due to the diligent (and multiple) voting of his son, daughter in law and various friends.

Awards were given again this year for best decorated Allied and Axis cars. The Axis win went to long-time Dixie Region member Michael May’s Honda Fit. The Allied award went to Meghan Tarmey, in her P-40 themed Mini Cooper.

A more recent part of Allies vs. Axis, Dixie Region collects toilet paper and cash donations for the Leon County Shelter for the homeless. Like previous years, the donations were managed by Bryan Batchelor and again this part of the event was a great success, with plenty of donations for the Shelter given by the entrants. There was a raffle for a free helmet, won by Terry Nitti Sr, immediately after he won the Crappy Run award, so it wasn’t all a bad day for “Senior”! We want to thank all that contributed, and this is a part of the Allies vs. Axis event that both sides can take pride in.

(Author: JD Kemp. Special thanks to Chris Yearwood for results, Arty Gallegos for all the nick names)

Car Numbers and Class Letters

Lately there has been some discussion about displaying car numbers and class letters on cars for our local Dixie Solo events. Bottom line is your car needs to be appropriately numbered and lettered with your class so the grid, starter, workers and timing and scoring can read them. This helps keep the event moving along which translates into more seat time. Some use reusable vinyl magnets, shoe polish, masking tape, reusable static cling vinyl (for plastic cars panels), or permanent adhesive number/letter decals. The SCCA rulebook spells it out in Section 3.7 VEHICLE IDENTIFICATION: “All vehicles must display numbers and class letters on both sides (of the car), which must be readable by Timing and Scoring, Course, and Grid workers at all times.”  The rules go on to explain the  “numbers and letters must be a minimum of 8” high with a 1.25” stroke. Class letters must be a minimum of 4” high with a 0.75 stroke. In all cases, the height of the class letters must be between 25% and 75% of the height of the numbers.”

Car numbers and class lettersFor most of us the convenient numbering system is with reusable flexible vinyl magnets. You can make your own or purchase them. To make your own simply purchase flexible magnetic vinyl sign material online or from a local sign shop. In Tallahassee, many of us go to Apogee Signs. Apogee applied the large decals to the new Dixie orange trailer.  The magnetic vinyl material is usually sold in 24” wide sheets by the foot. One or two feet will be plenty to make a set of numbers and letters at a cost of about $10 to $20. The standard color is white but is available in a rainbow of colors for an extra cost depending on the supplier. Or scuff up the white vinyl magnet material with Scotch Bright pad and paint it any color with some spray paint for plastic. Vinyl magnetic material is sold in various thicknesses – thin (0.020”), medium (0.030”) and thick (0.060”). Thin is best used for refrigerator magnets and too light for car numbers. Thick can be too heavy and tends to fall or blow off the door. Medium thickness  (0.030” or 1/32”) is best for car number and letter use.

If you’d rather keep things simple and purchase decals online look no further than SPS Solotime. SPS offers an assortment of number and letter materials in all sorts of combinations, colors, sizes, and fonts.

So keep your car numbered and lettered well enough for all to see and help keep events rolling along.

Dixie Match Tour Results

Dixie Match

March 15-17, 2013 – The first Tire Rack sponsored 2013 SCCA Match Tour was hosted by the Dixie Region. Read about this match tour and the format at SCCA event news  http://www.scca.com/events/news.cfm?eid=5452&cid=51357 .

Results are posted at http://www.scca.com/events/results.cfm?eid=5452 .

SCCA Proposal Changes Stock to Street in 2014

SCCA Solo Events Board (SEB) is considering big changes to the Stock class category in 2014. For one change the name from Stock to Street. The proposed new allowances address electronics, camber kits, disabling traction control, disabling stability control, disabling tire pressure monitoring systems, plus or minus 1-inch change of diameter on wheels, double adjustable shocks without remote reservoirs in 2015, sway bars, a minimum 140 treadwear minimum in 2014, and a 200 treadwear in 2015. The proposed changes are the first rewrite of the Stock class in 40 years and one of the largest in the sport’s history. In all, “…it comes down to a simple philosophy, autocrossing should be fun, and the SEB’s belief that, more than any single factor, stock class participation has declined because the current ruleset does not provide the allowances needed to make a modern car fun to autocross.”

Read more about the proposed changes from Stock to Street at SoloMatters http://www.solomatters.com/2013/03/street-catagory-proposal-explained/

If you would like to provide feedback to the SEB on this proposal, please do so at http://www.sebscca.com/.

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